Both in the Interim Management as in the Consultancy, standing close to the people of the organization is highly important. Ultimately, the people who work in the organization are the ones that make the changes possible. The references below are from people with whom Noël Suurmeijer worked closely together.

Esther de Wit

I have experienced Noël as a pleasant and professional colleague, and director. He is strong in simplifying complex issues, manages to create overview and stands firmly in his shoes. In the communication he is clear and at all levels of the organization he was with his humor and social skills, a good partner and he knows how to get to people.

Noël is not afraid to break in a constructive way ancient patterns and taboos to the organization to the next level. I have experienced Noël as a pleasant colleague and sounding board and working with him I can only recommend.

Esther De Wit - Bart - Educational consultant
Natasja Lagerweij

Noël is a strong manager with a no-nonsense mentality. He is energetic and vigorous, and he does not avoid clashes to clear obstacles. Only one thing counts, and that's the result. Despite the enthusiasm with which Noël proceed, focus is on the human side of his duties and he knows how to bring his thoughts with a quip in the spotlight. I've experienced working with Noel as refreshing and pleasant.

Natasja Lagerweij - IT consultant at LeasePlan Corporation

Giesbrecht Koen van Dommelen

Noël and I have been going for years and are good, genuine friends of each other. We have seen each other through good times and bad and I have thereby always received great support from him. I know him to be serious when needed, strong in communication with people, he knows how to pull apart difficult organizational problems, in which many people are involved, by providing a clear direction and thereby motivate people. He is verbally strong. Noël is a very loyal guy, but do not treat him unfairly.

It is a great guy to have a beer with, there is always something to laugh about!

Gijsbrecht Koen van Dommelen - Investment Manager and owner at Vladeracken Vermogensbeheer

Maarten Bressers

Noël is a business economist and has years of experience in the financial and business services. He is both an excellent partner at the strategic level as initiator and (supervised) leader of the process itself. He guarantees a sharp analysis and then provides an overview and insight by making complex issues understandable for all those involved.

Maarten Bressers - Owner at Reddconnect